Whale Watching in De Kelders

De Kelders offers some of the best land-based whale watching in the world. The Southern Right Whales come very close inshore to the sheltered deep waters between June and December each year.

Pod of Southern Right Whales in Walker Bay De Kelders South Africa

The high cliffs of De Kelders give excellent land-based sightings of these magnificent mammals as they breach, lobtail, spy hop and sail. As Cliff Lodge is located right on the edge of Walker Bay you can watch the whales from the comfort of our all-weather conservatory and sea front deck. It is an awe-inspiring experience to see these gentle giants just metres from the shore in front of the house.

Unique boat-based whale-watching trips will let you experience the thrill of seeing the whales up close and personal. The Southern Rights seem to be as curious about us as we are about them, and are often friendly and playful, passing under or next to the boat. The boat-based whale watching industry is strictly controlled, and the designated areas have been carefully selected so as not to interfere with whale-watchers observing from land.