Holistic Health & Wellness at Cliff Lodge

Crowned by timeless mountains and swept with resplendent coastlines, it’s no secret that the Western Cape’s Overberg has a singular magic. But you may not yet be aware of the world-class wellness and spiritual retreats based here, and their easy congruence with the landscape is no coincidence. There’s something about raw beauty and untrammelled tracts of wilderness that evokes the qualities many come to a retreat to uncover: a stillness of mind, an expansion of perspective and a sense of awe and trust in the mystery of it all.

Sasha Taha yoga & holistic health guru at De Kelders Gansbaai South AfricaCliff Lodge’s friendship with Tasha Saha, founder and facilitator of one of the leading and most complete holistic health retreats in the country, The Whole Truth Retreat, means you don’t necessarily need to choose between a more traditional holiday experience and one of focused personal development, either.

Our commitment to helping you get the most out of your time with us means you can hand-pick any of the areas Tasha offers guidance with on her popular retreats – from yoga and meditation instruction to detoxifying juice cleansing and organic raw food preparation – and incorporate them into your holiday itinerary in an easy and flexible way.

Whether you’ve always wanted to explore any of these but never found the time in your busy schedule at home, or would like to deepen your practice while in the surpassing beauty and tranquility of De Kelders, Tasha’s wealth of healing and teaching experience can give you, couples or a small groups an added dimension of value to your getaway. It may even start you off on a new path of discovery you’d hardly expected, kindling new and inspiring potentials for growth.

Cliff Lodge can offer you a Yoga retreat De Kelders Gansbaai South AfricaMaybe you’d like to begin your day on the Cliff Lodge deck with a guided meditation overlooking glittering Walker Bay? Or perhaps a sunset yoga session to ground the joys of the day in gratitude? With early autumn upon us, the changing of the season elicits a natural reorientation in ourselves towards greater reflection and interiority.

Centering practices like meditation and yoga derive from time-honoured traditions that place awareness and acceptance of the present moment as the doorway to a richer and more workable experience of life. The grounded silence these activities invite keeps us in touch with our hearts and brings resilience to bear on the challenges we all face. They are also wonderful ways to soften habitual thought patterns and relieve the stresses and anxieties of our frenetic world. When you consider the transformative potential a contemplative practice can offer, making time for inner stillness is no passive exercise – it’s an act of allegiance to your happiness. 

Raw and detoxifying food at Cliff Lodge De Kelders GansbaaiTasha’s retreats offer a uniquely holistic approach, nourishing not only the mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being, but underscoring the importance of optimum physical health too. Detoxifying juice cleanses and nutrient-packed organic raw meals are integral to her approach to wellness, mobilising the body’s innate healing mechanisms and resetting the system with greater vitality and balance.

In the intimacy of our guest house, Tasha can consult with you on your own personal needs – be they more energy, weight loss, chronic symptom support or any of the common areas a dietary cleanup can assist with – and help initiate healthy eating practices to take away in fun, interactive and inspiring mini-workshops.